About Us

About Us

Greater Technology Company(GTC) aim to satisfy demands of electric heater (heating element) industry customers around the world. Our senior machinists with over 20 years experience providing technical support.

GTC’s products including pipe cutting machine, pipe straightening machine, chamfering machine, welding machine, resistance wire winding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, pin, resistance and plug multi-function assembly machine, pipe feeding & testing machine, MGO powder filling machine, diameter reduction machine, trimming machine, MGO powder digging machine, terminal pin cutting machine, stretching machine, annealing machine, tube bending machine, pleating machine, laser marking machine...etc.

 GTC offers customized machines for tubular heater, cartridge heater, hot runner heater, stainless steel pipe and quenching furnace…etc. 

 ~ https://www.youtube.com/@HeaterMachinist